• Kashmir: Born To Fight

    by Al Jazeera   February 11, 2017
    Is India’s crackdown on Kashmiri protesters creating new generation of young fighters?The most militarised zone in the world isn’t in Iraq or Syria. It’s in Indian-administered Kashm/span>
  • Getting swallowed in the coalition black-hole

    by HASSSAN ZAINAGIREEE   February 10, 2017
    and they have no pang of guilt. They have become the willing tools in the hands of the bullying partner which has had a right diagnosis of the throbbing ‘pain’ that has made them restless. A few /span>
  • Way forward India

    by Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal   February 9, 2017
    Both for resolution of and peace in Kashmir as well as stability within South Asia, it is imperative that India and Pakistan begin mending their relations with each other. Unfortunately, with unending/span>
  • Afzal Guru: Kashmir Movement is Alive

    by Sajjad Shaukat   February 8, 2017
    Every year, the martyrdom anniversary of Muhammad Afzal Gur is being celebrated on the 9th of February to pay homage to him, as India secretly hanged him and buried inside the Tihar jail complex on Fe/span>
  • JK: Setting a new normal …BJP designing spaces for Parivar agenda

    by Dr Javid Iqbal   February 7, 2017
    BJP partnering PDP in JK ruling alliance is devising ways and means for setting up a new normal in JK State. And, keeping up with the process, the political outfit of RSS is designing spaces for downl/span>
  • Ensure justice for incarcerated youth of the state

    by Z .G. MUHAMMAD   February 6, 2017
    I knew nothing about the trial of Muzaffar Ahmed Rather of Kulgam district in West Bengal till newspapers in the third week of January 2017, carried a report about a Bengal Court having sentenced hi/span>
  • The UN and Kashmir: Where Do We Go From Here?

    by Dr Gulam Nabi Fai   February 5, 2017
    If we were to judge the UN based upon its history of involvement in efforts to resolve international conflicts, the simplest answer is that it has been an enormous failure. The UN of course is a far/span>

    London based Indian writer Mirza Waheed very vehemently exposed the real face of the Indian atrocities in Kashmir in his article ‘India is blinding young Kashmiri protesters’. The article was pu/span>
  • Refocus on Kashmir Solidarity Day

    by Sajjad Shaukat   February 4, 2017
    Although since 1990, the 5th of February is being celebrated by Pakistanis and Kashmiris as ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ to pay homage to Kahsmiri martyrs and to show solidarity with the freedom fight/span>
  • Back to history …. and now it”s the time to celebrate despotism

    by Hassan Zainagairi   February 3, 2017
    political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”—-George Orwell Anything can happen in this part of our p/span>

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